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Shabushi by Oishi

Shabushi Shabu-Shabu & Sushi Buffet in Kaiten Style is a very popular Japanese sushi bar where the dishes are passed by each guest on a conveyor belt.

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Shabushi is a very popular Japanese restaurant by Oishi. The name is a combination of Shabu-Shabu & Sushi Buffet in Kaiten style. Seating is hard to come by and you'll end up grabbing a number and waiting for it like you'd wait for the dentist. Once seated, you'll have a little over an hour to eat all you can. The dishes come by on a conveyor belt and you can enjoy the Japanese food and soup the way you like it.

Score: 2.4/5 (5 ratings)
Tags: restaurant, japanese, buffet

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Emmanuel gave Star
7:46 pm, 5 August 2012
" DONT GO THERE! We went there at 9.15, it is supposed to close at 10, with 3 kids and they refused to serve us claiming they were closing. Moreover when we asked them a tip on where else to go not only they refused to answer us but they behaved like real j...s. This place is not a place to recommend,cparticularly when you know how many good restaurants their are in Chiang Mai. "
Yobo gave StarStar
2:25 am, 1 April 2010
" really bad. the food was microwaved, all the colors were dyes- no real color from the food itself, and even the tea was mediocre. the environment looked like something from a thai sitcom- bright colors, full of annoying people and the furniture was mechanically arranged in an annoying zen pattern that disrupted everybody's ability to sit comfortably at a table with their friends or family. This is a restaurant that caters to Thai teenagers and nobody else. spare yourself the experience, there is nothing worthwhile here. "
Yobo gave Star
2:21 am, 1 April 2010
" The tea is almost good. Everything else is so chemical and so fake that I would be surprised if they have any regular customers. I had the Pad Kee Mao noodles and the kimchi- the first was instant noodles with a mediocre sauce that was microwaved, mixed in and dumped on a plate, and the second was wet cabbage with a bit of salt, vinegar, and red dye. "
Chibako gave StarStarStarStarStar
9:59 pm, 16 February 2010
" Cool! I like this style!! "
Sander gave StarStarStar
9:01 am, 16 February 2010
" It was alright. It's not so special as far as the food quality goes, it's just got that gimmick. I did think it wasn't worth the 20 minute wait. "

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