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Your guide to Dining Inside Chiang Mai

Find the best places to eat in and around Chiang Mai. There are many restaurants in Chiang Mai ranging from European Food (Italian, English, etc) to Asian (Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc) to American and Mexican.

Finding something that suits your taste is as simple as following the 'tags' that interest you or simply use the search on the right of every page.

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Shabushi by Oishi

Shabushi Shabu-Shabu & Sushi Buffet in Kaiten Style is a very popular Japanese sushi bar where the dishes are passed by each guest on a conveyor belt.

Score: 2.4/5 (5 ratings)
Tags: restaurant, japanese, buffet

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(9 February, 2010) Ferdinant S. wrote:

"I must say this food is a master creation! It's delicious and it won't tear a hole through your wallet! The staff is really friendly and Marco is a very energetic and attentive young man. He gets my vote!"

StarStarStarStarStar    5 stars for: Chez Marco

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Chiang Mai Temple View

A little about Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is the largest city in the north of Thailand, relatively close to Burma and Laos. Chiang Mai has been a popular tourist destination for many years because of the atmosphere and location surrounded by mountains. In the mountains around Chiang Mai you can find great entertainment in the Elephant camps (with spectacular shows), Tiger Kingdom (petting real live tigers!), X-Center (Bungee Jumping, Shooting Range, etc), Long-neck hilltribes, snakes, monkeys, and much more.

Getting to Chiang Mai is possible by Air, Train, or bus from Bangkok and other cities in Thailand. Singapore and Kuala Lumpur even have direct flights to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is also a good hub if you wish to visit the Burmese border or other cities like Chiang Rai or Pai.

Map of Chiang Mai

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